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15 October 2018

Cumbria Trading Standards and Cumbria Constabulary join forces for Operation Rogue Trader

Rogue traders and aggressive doorstep sellers were targeted last week by Cumbria Trading Standards Service and Cumbria Constabulary as part of Operation Rogue Trader.

Officers collaborated on a week of activity to stop rogue business practices and raise awareness of the dangers linked to hiring cold-callers.

Officers patrolled areas in and around Carlisle and Penrith as part of the operation.

Operation Rogue Trader is a national multi-agency campaign coordinated by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) with Liberal, the Police National Intelligence Unit.

Last year’s campaign involved over 1,400 personnel, 1,806 were stopped and searched, 87 arrests with 871 offences and over £40,000 in property seized.

Operation Rogue Trader began specifically to target doorstep crimes, especially distraction burglaries and rogue trader offences. As rogue trading practices diversified, Operation Rogue Trader grew to allow participating authorities to proactively target criminal behaviour, and raise awareness amongst the most vulnerable groups.

Cllr Celia Tibble, Cabinet Member for Trading Standards, said:

“I’m pleased that Cumbria Trading Standards is working in partnership with local police colleagues to tackle this issue and to give local residents confidence that when they report fraudulent crime, it will be investigated thoroughly and that rogue traders will not be tolerated in Cumbria. Doorstep fraudsters target the vulnerable and elderly and can cause misery to their victims - we won’t stand for this in Cumbria, and Operation Rogue Trader demonstrates the commitment of both Trading Standards and the Police to tackle the issue head on.”

Sergeant Lewis Powell, Cumbria Constabulary, said:

“Operation Rogue Trader is a great opportunity for us to tackle and raise awareness of the issue of illegitimate traders. In Cumbria there have been numerous examples of cold calling criminals looking to exploit vulnerable and elderly home owners.

“We will continue to carry out operations like this and remind the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity or concerns about an individual offering to carry out work to the relevant agency.”

CTSI Lead Officer for Doorstep Crime, Tim Day, said:

“Rogue traders and doorstep fraudsters prey on the most vulnerable in society. Working closely with the police and other agencies means we can intervene sooner and safeguard potential victims.”

“This campaign is a core part of a wider strategy to ensure trading standards and the police can work together so there’s no place for these kinds of criminals to hide.”

Louise Baxter, who is CTSI Lead Officer for Consumer Education and Team Manager at National Trading Standards, said:

“It’s crucial to raise awareness of doorstep crime and help prevent innocent people from falling victim to these criminals. This campaign provides a platform to educate people and put a stop to doorstep crime in our communities.”

Activities during the week of action included executing warrants, identifying vehicles used by criminals through automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), conducting intelligence-led patrols and raids, and educating members of the public and frequently-targeted groups before they can be scammed.

If you suspect someone of being a rogue trader, or find yourself accosted by uninvited doorstep sellers, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506.

Rogue traders and aggressive doorstep sellers were targeted last week by Cumbria Trading Standards Service and Cumbria Constabulary as part of Operation Rogue Trader.