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29 October 2020

Stay Safe - Stay Vigilant

844 new COVID19 cases were reported in Cumbria in the week ending 23 October, up from 722 the previous week.

Carlisle has overtaken Barrow as having the highest number of new cases (251). Barrow still has the highest rate of ‘new cases per 100k population’ for the 7th week running. 

Barrow and Carlisle’s rates are both higher than the national average. Barrow is 267/100k, Carlisle is 231/100k and the national average is 170/100k. Barrow remains high despite a slight decrease in its numbers from the previous week. 

Overall there has been an increase in ‘new cases’ in all of Cumbria’s District/borough areas except Barrow.

The Health Protection Board agreed that Barrow should remain a High Alert area. 

Carlisle continues to be monitored closely, with consideration being given to whether further action may be required in Carlisle to reduce infection spread.

This week’s data also shows that for the second week in a row the 45-59 year old age group accounted for the highest number of new cases in Cumbria.

There continued to be an increase in the number of patients admitted with COVID-19 and patients with COVID-19 in hospital beds compared to the previous week.

The latest COVID-19 situation report can be found at www.cumbria.gov.uk/stopthespread

Colin Cox, Director of Public Health at Cumbria County Council, said:

“This week’s data continues to give us cause for concern with an increase in cases across our county, except Barrow but Barrow remains above the national average so is still an area of significant concern. 

We want to ask everyone in Cumbria to remain vigilant, stay safe and follow the law. I also want to thank residents for all the effort they are making to keep family and friends safe despite these challenging times and although it is hard it is essential that this effort continues.

“This situation in Carlisle does give us cause for concern as the increase in new cases has been very fast and it may be that further action is needed to stop the spread, but this will require further discussion.  

“Finally, it remains the case that if people follow the guidance, reduce social contact, wash hands and wear a face covering then we can reduce infections and avoid the need to increase local alert levels.”

For further information contact Cumbria County Council's communications team on 01228 221008. 

Cases rise in Carlisle, while there are some positive signs in Barrow