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14 July 2021

A Story of Place for Ulverston

Cumbria County Council has brought together local partners to create an Ulverston Town Team, which includes representatives from a number of sectors including education, community, business, health, the 3 local authorities and also our local MP, who are working to develop a Place Plan for Ulverston.  This will start by telling the story of Ulverston and its aspirational vision for the future.  This will support the town to:

  • Attract new businesses to our town and town centre
  • Increase and retain our working age population
  • Raise the standard of the physical environment
  • Increase the number of people living in our town
  • Deliver new jobs and opportunities
  • Increase the number of visitors who spend time and money in our town 

A series of workshops, conversations and an online survey have recently been completed to begin that process which will help to set a strong and clear direction for the future.  Nearly 500 people have taken the time to participate in these events which is starting to create a strategic vision which draws on the town’s unique opportunities around its dynamic tech economy, and the vibrant community and cultural offer, all contributing to Ulverston being a great place to live, work and play. 

The chair of the Ulverston Town Team, Cllr Mark Wilson, said:

“As locals we know that Ulverston is a hidden gem, with a strong sense of community and a great place to live and work.  It still has so much untapped potential and this work will ensure that Ulverston is truly placed on the map as a destination for those wishing to enjoy all that it has to offer, as well as being a strong base for business and skill development.”

All of the feedback will now be used to develop a Place Plan for Ulverston which will build on the local pride and confidence in the town, and to help us further develop the town as we reignite our economy following the Coronavirus pandemic. The Place Plan will be used to help the town apply for a range of funding sources which will help to secure the aims and ambitions of Ulverston.

The Town Team would like to thank all of those who kindly took part in the conversations and provided their views, which provided great insight into the town and the opportunities which already exist.  The Town Team will share the emerging Place Plan with you and would like to keep you updated on developments as they take shape.

Cumbria County Council has brought together local partners to create an Ulverston Town Team