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01 July 2021

Covid cases double following surge testing

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have again doubled in week ending 25 June, with 772 new cases up from 377 the previous week.

The increase coincides with Cumbria’s highest ever weekly testing total, with over 80,000 tests carried out (LFT and PCR tests combined). Among the 12 to 30 age group targeted for ‘surge testing’ 16,324 PCR tests were recorded, compared to a normal weekly average of 2,453 - a 560% increase.

The increase in positive cases was expected given the significant increase in testing and it is encouraging that the percentage of people testing positive has not significantly changed. This gives increasing confidence that this third wave of infection may not be as severe as previous waves.

Those aged 12-30 are still being encouraged to get a PCR test if they have not yet done so. Case rates among younger age groups continue to be very significantly higher than older groups, with a rate of 242/100k for under 50s but just 34/100k for over 50s. Anyone aged 12-30 can simply ‘walk-in’ to any of the county’s local testing sites without booking. Further information is available at cumbria.gov.uk/stopthespread.

Despite the rapidly increasing number of confirmed cases, local hospitals are not seeing any significant change in the number of people attending hospital or being admitted because of covid. The low numbers highlight the positive impact of the county’s vaccination programme in breaking the link between infection and serious illness. 83% of Cumbrian adults have now received their first dose and 65% have received both doses. The vaccine is now available to everyone aged 18 or over.

The weekly COVID-19 situation report is available at www.cumbria.gov.uk/stopthespread.

Colin Cox, Cumbria’s Director of Public Health, said:

“We are reaching a new point in the pandemic where we are seeing high cases numbers but they are not translating into high hospital admissions. That’s fantastic and exactly what we hoped the vaccination programme would achieve.

“And now with the Government signalling significant changes to lockdown from later this month I can understand why people are starting to feel like the pandemic is over and why frustrations with restrictions is growing. I really do get that.

“We are awaiting clarity from the Government about what the rules will be after the 19th of July. While it’s likely that most of the restrictions on everyday activity will be lifted, I think it’s likely that testing, contact tracing and self-isolation of cases and contacts will remain for some time, and good hygiene measures will continue to be advised. That’s because there continues to be a serious risk to people who are unvaccinated and if the virus is allowed to spread uncontrolled, then the chance of new, potentially more dangerous, variants arising will increase.

“I’d ask people to be patient for a while longer, continue to follow the rules as they currently stand, and we can see where we are after the Government makes its plans clear.”

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have again doubled in week ending 25 June, with 772 new cases up from 377 the previous week.