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13 January 2022

Highway improvement works commence in Penrith

Two important road improvement projects in Penrith have commenced this week.

Metcalfe Civil Engineering have been contracted by Cumbria County Council to complete the works in Portland Place, Inglewood Road and Salkeld Road, and will be completed in two phases, as per the following schedule.

Portland Place

The purpose of the scheme is to remove a pinch point where two-way traffic movements and junction turning manoeuvres are restricted, subsequently raising road safety issues in the immediate vicinity of the Portland Place junction with the A6 Stricklandgate.

Works commenced on Monday 10 January and are scheduled to be completed on Tuesday 18 January.

The works briefly comprise; road widening along the eastern side of Portland Place to accommodate traffic movements, updated road markings and traffic signage.

Inglewood Road / Salkeld Road

The purpose of the scheme is to facilitate traffic movements around the junction and provide pedestrian facilities to enable crossing movements. Building out the footway at the junction is intended to improve the alignment and reduce traffic speeds for left turn movements approaching from the A6 Scotland Road turning into Salkeld Road.

The works briefly comprise;

  • Introduction of new and enhanced footway works to facilitate pedestrian movements and improve alignment at the junction
  • Amendments to the road marking arrangement including right turn pockets to facilitate traffic movements turning into Salkeld Road via A6 Scotland Road and for movements turning into Raiselands Croft via A6 Scotland Road.
  • Introduction of right and left turn lanes when exiting Salkeld Road onto A6 Scotland Road
  • Installing bollards to prevent / close off access to Inglewood Road via A6 Scotland Road.
  • Provision of Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) on Inglewood Road to formalise parking arrangements.
  • New traffic signs associated with the works.


  • Wednesday 19 January - Set up traffic management and begin works - close off Inglewood Road South.
  • Wednesday 19 - Wednesday 26 January - Junction widening of Salkeld Road / A6.
  • Thursday 27 January - Thursday 10 February - Junction alterations Inglewood Road South.
  • Friday 11 February - Complete resurfacing of Salkeld Road.
  • Monday 14 February - Demobilise site and remove traffic management.

Cllr Keith Little, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:

“These important works are now underway in Penrith and will significantly enhance both road safety and improved traffic movement. Whilst we understand the works may cause some disruption, they are programmed to be completed within 5 weeks to minimise the inconvenience to the local community and road users.”

Two important road improvement projects in Penrith have commenced this week.